Open Interest|Volume|Max Pain

Analyze open interest graphs with volume and max pain in one single pane of glass.


Monitor potential moves on a variety of underlying securities including Stocks, ETFs, and Indices.

Unusual Options Acitvity

View unusual options activity based on volumes and open interest.

Open Interest Changes

Monitor daily open interest changes on Stocks, ETFs, and Indices to see what market participants are thinking on an underlying security.

Historical Graphs

View historical option open interest and volume charts on the underlying security to better understand past performance and potential future moves.

Totals Graphs

Totals graphs which view the options open interest and volumes on the aggregate which helps identify the most active expirations for an underlying security.





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  • Option Volume Graph
  • Max Pain Graph
  • Expiration Max Pain Graph
  • Option Chain with Deviations
  • Totals Option Graphs
  • Hourly Intraday Data Updates
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  • Historical Open Interest Graph
  • Historical Option Volume Graph
  • Historical Max Pain Graph
  • Historical Totals Option Graphs
  • Unusual Options Activity
  • Open Interest Change Graphs
  • Volatility Graphs
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How often is data updated?

Data in general is updated every hour when the markets are open with some exceptions stated below.

How often is historical data updated?

Historical data is updated by 6:00pm EST after markets close. Historical graphs will reflect these changes as well once the data is updated.

How often is Open Interest updated?

Open Interest is updated every morning on days the markets are open. This is the industry standard set by the OCC who calculates Open Interest for the next days market session.

How often is Volume updated?

Option Volume is updated every hour.

How often is Max Pain calculated?

Max Pain calculations are based on Open Interest, hence they are updated every morning the markets are open.

How are Option Greeks calculated?

Option greeks are calculated based on the Black-Scholes pricing model.

Can I upgrade or cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel or upgrade at anytime. Once logged in, you will find these options under the Profile link.

Can I view only puts or calls or volume on the charts?

Clicking on the chart titles/legend will allow you to add or remove that dataset be it calls, puts, volume or open interest.